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Accuracy-Driven DFS Lineup Optimizer

Let DFSkey do the math and help you create winning lineups.

About DFSkey

Trying to do own your research and adjusting your lineup to compete with more than a billion of other lineups is a statistically tough job. We, the founders of DFSkey with data-science backgrounds, simply want to increase your chances to win at DFS.

But How?

We've built machine-learning models to generate player performance projections. But it is also a fact that without proper lineup optimization, accurate projections can’t always make big money in large contests. By combining the ability of generating accurate projection models and constructing optimized lineups, we believe you will have significantly improved chances of winning.


  • We have great pride on our accuracy and the results are transparently reported.
  • Save time spent on using the on-off tools. We get you smart filters that brings the players who are expected to perform better when a teammate is injured or will not play.
  • Flexibility to stack players in games, teams.
  • Create multiple lineups at once
  • Option to use variety of players in your lineups
  • A daily anomaly newsletter will showcase players who performed better/worse that expected.